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How and Why Furniture Positioning Defines your Spaciousness

06 Jun 2016

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When you’re taking interior designing matters into your own hands, the one cardinal rule you need to keep in mind is: function before fashion. And, the right placement of your furniture determines how well your living room is going to function. Let’s take a look at why furniture positioning defines life in your dream home:


1. Because every room needs a nice flow.

Stand in a corner of the room, and take a peak – does the placement of your furniture make any sense? Does it look balanced in your eye line? Wouldn’t it be better if one item created a nice flow for another? Too many heavy items placed one after the other while the rest positioned in another corner disrupt the visual weight, thereby, looking totally off.


If you’re battling space issues, a couch makes more sense when placed right by the wall, as opposed to the middle of the room. Place items haphazardly and the room feels “boxed” rather than open.


2. Because your furniture needs a focal point.

Joey Tribbiani from the epic American TV sitcom “Friends” once asked another character, “You don’t own a TV? Where’s all your furniture pointed at?”. You can’t create the ideal flow if you don’t have a focal point. An easy way to do it is to find out which feature you wish to highlight the most. It could be anything – a flat screen, a painting, or even a window. Start with that attribute, and it’ll be easier to put together the rest.


3. Because you should get from point A to point B with utmost ease.

Now, you think you’ve created a beautiful flow of items that have a purpose of why they’re there. But, what if they’re “in the way”? For instance, a coffee table may look perfect in the middle of a sofa set, but if it’s blocking the way, you know you need to tweak the setting a little. To create an easy flow of movement, break furniture into groups. A dining table on one side, a couch on another, and a few decorative items on the third. The space in between them is how you create pathways in order to make a room feel breathable.


A spacious room is directly proportional to well-positioned furniture. When you’ve let go of the clutter, and limited the items to only the ones that have a purpose of being there, the entire room starts to look eye-pleasing and well-put.

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