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Housing Trends in Pune - Is Now A Good Time to Buy?

01 Dec 2016

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The property market like any market, is susceptible to ups and downs, but the gains far outweigh the risks. In recent history, the first time the value of Indian realty rose exponentially was in the early 90s. The second time was in 2002 when property prices peaked once again, for a decade that followed.


So, is now the right time for Indian investors to buy residential property? Read on to find out:


Housing Trends in Pune - Is Now A Good Time to Buy?The Demonetisation Effect

Demonetisation by the Indian government in November of 2016 resulted in a slowdown of investment in real estate, but this acted in favour of home buyers. Prices of homes have become more competitive with builders dropping prices to increase sales of their ongoing projects. Moreover, a large inventory of unsold properties in tier 1 cities has led to a decline in prices - that have reached their base value. Good news for home buyers!


A Trend of Rising Rental Yields

Strictly from the investment perspective, if you are buying a home as an asset - there's good news in store. The current trend in real estate leasing, is getting bigger returns in the form of monthly rental yields. This trend is a result of a greater demand for homes in certain locations because of the introduction of business corridors and IT parks in underlying areas. Combine this with the falling prices in real estate, and this is exceptionally good news.


There's a Better Support Network for Home Buyers 

With the real estate industry moving online, buyers are less dependent on brokers. Now, you can survey the market and look at properties within your budget at the click of a button. This kind of transparency and ready resources, can help home buyers make an informed and hence, better investment.


Real Estate Regulation and Development Act

Smart home buyers should take advantage of the present slump in the market to invest. Following the introduction of the Real Estate Regulation and Development Act, prices are slated to increase once again, as buyer confidence in the market returns. So invest now, when the moment is opportune! 


If you're a home investor in Pune, then act fast to take maximum advantage of these current trends in favour of buyers. Goel Ganga Developers, Pune's leading real estate developer, has unveiled a wide selection of residential developments in Kharadi, Baner, Pashan-Sus Road and Dhanori - all great investment hotspots. To know more, click here http://www.goelgangadevelopments.com.

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