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Everything You Need to Know About Smart Homes

16 Jun 2016

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Imagine a non-living thing having a mind of its own. And now, imagine you could control it. Welcome to a world where homes are smarter than you thought, and you have a little more control on how they must operate. The real estate market is abuzz with “smart homes” – an all new category of luxurious residential spaces that feature lighting, heating, dining, and other electronic devices that you can control just with a single tap on your phone. It’s cool, it’s futuristic, and most importantly, it’s here to stay. 


So, how exactly do smart homes work?

Do you often get little nagging thoughts about your home’s security each time you step out? For instance, did you turn the water heater off? Did you leave the lights in the living room on? Is the entire home locked properly? Smart homes put all these worries to rest as you can connect all electronic devices in the house with your tablet or phone. All you need is a good Internet connection, and you can peek into your house (digitally) anytime you wish to.


This entire technique is called home automation, wherein, objects and products in your house are interconnected and detectable through a digital network. And, you can keep a tab on each of them through your smartphone.


How are they different from ordinary homes?

That smart homes are more digitally inclined is an understatement. Your entire house comes equipped with a gamut of digital accessories such as cameras, LED lights, motion sensors, hi-tech and door locks among many others. All these devices are inter-connected and integrated into your smartphone so that you also get real-time alerts on any activity in and around the house.


Of course, a lot depends on what all your developer is providing in the house; make sure you go through the features carefully and then settle on the perfect smart home according to your needs.


Do I need a smart home for myself?


A) Who wouldn’t want to? They’re incredible!

B) If you love all things digital and like to keep yourself updated with the latest technology, owning a smart home isn’t a bad idea.

C) If you’re concerned about the security of you family, a smart home makes life extremely easy and secure for your little ones.

D) Smart homes are an excellent choice for older residents who may be a little forgetful. Not only do they reduce manual labour by more than half, they help you keep tabs on day-to-day activities.


Still thinking? Here’s what you can do – on your next outing, take your partner along to check out a model smart home. A hands-on experience is sure to rope you in to buy one for yourself!

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