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Enjoy the Benefits of Living Near Your Workplace

26 Jul 2016

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Enjoy the Benefits of Living Near Your WorkplaceCommuting is one of the biggest problems that citizens in the country face every day. With expanding city limits and rising populations, it is only getting worse. Whether you take your own car or opt for public transportation, the traffic is persistent and drains you of your finances, time and energy.


So what can you do to get rid of all the hassle? The simplest solution, of course, is to find a home that is close to your workplace. 


Here are the benefits of living near your place of work:


1. You save precious time

This is the biggest advantage of living close to your office. By saving time, you have more time to enjoy with your family, pursue your hobbies and do more in the day.


2. You save commute costs

You save on a lot of money which would have been spent in travelling via public transport or your own car. Moreover, you save on maintenance costs with reduced wear and tear of the vehicle.


3. You minimize air pollution

The more time you spend on the vehicles, the more pollution you create. By reducing your commute time you reduce your carbon footprint and help sustain the earth.


4. You have better health

Residing close to your workplace means that walking or cycling can now be your major means of transportation. Walking is one of the best exercises to stay fit. Cycling is even better and helps you improve your overall health.


Moreover, with reduced stress levels, pollution and by spending quality time with your family, you achieve sound physical and mental health.


5. You enjoy flexibility

You have the opportunity to balance your home and work life more effectively. You need not wake up early to reach office on time, you can reach home quickly in case of an emergency or just break for lunch, and you might be able to take advantage of working extra hours for a project and still have time for your family.


So, there you go! Living near your office will contribute to a better work-life balance, and hence lead to a healthier lifestyle.

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