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Advantages of Buying a Property Online

16 Sep 2016

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Advantages of Buying a Property OnlineOnline shopping isn’t exactly a new trend in the country. However, nowadays, e-commerce is no longer limited to gadgets and other goods - companies are even offering houses over the internet.


As the process of buying a property is really long, tiresome and time consuming, realty portals now offer a range of data, analytics and tools aimed at making your task easier. Here’s how:


Map-based search

You can view a property’s location on a map, and understand its proximity to surrounding physical and social infrastructure - highway, metro station, bus stop, hospitals, schools and more. Thus, you will be able to get a good idea of the surrounding area before you actually visit the site.


Virtual tour

Today, realty portals offer online tours of the property using the latest visualisation software. Hence, you can manoeuvre through the place and feel like you are actually on the spot! View the property from various angles and get an idea of how it would look at different times of the day.


Sky view

Many realty portals offer an aerial view of the property and its neighbourhood. They use cameras fitted on drones to get the relevant imagery.


Verified properties

Several websites have data agents who visit developers’ properties and verify as many as 100 data points about each property. Hence, such sites contain information that is authentic and verified.


Online booking

Many developers offer their projects for online booking, either on their own websites or on affiliated realty portals. So you can register on these websites and choose the project size, payment plan and book the property by paying the booking amount online.


Some developers even refund your booking amount if within a stipulated time, you decide not to go ahead with the purchase.


The online tools available today have indeed made the property search and buying process a lot easier. However, these tools must not substitute actual physical research i.e. visiting the project and inspecting the location. You must also know about the developer’s past records regarding timely delivery of projects and construction quality. In addition, take help from an expert to check the authenticity of the documents shown to you by the developer.


Authored by Goel Ganga Developments, one of the top real estate builders & developers in Pune

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