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7 Reasons To Invest in Property at Kharadi Pune

25 Mar 2016

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Residential Properties | Flats in Kharadi Pune | Ganga Platino by Goel Ganga DevelopmentsReal estate in Pune has seen a drastic development in the last decade. With the number of educational institutes and IT hubs growing in the city, the requirement for homes near these institutes and work places is increasing radically. Kharadi is one such locality - with top educational institutes and some of the most renowned IT companies, it has a constant development of real estate properties. Here are 7 reasons you should be investing in Kharadi: 


     1. An Upcoming Suburb: Kharadi is a well-planned suburb with a lot of development taking place. Over the years, Kharadi has undergone massive change, especially having transformed into one of the top IT Hubs in Pune. With the EON IT Park and the launch of the World Trade Centre, the demand for homes nearby has sky-rocketed, making it one of the top places in Pune to invest in.


     2. Popular Destination with Top Connectivity: Besides being one of the top IT Hubs, Kharadi is one of the most popular destinations in Pune. Be it leisure or work, Kharadi has it all! With top malls like Amanora, Seasons and Phoenix in close vicinity, no weekend goes by with a boring memory. Kharadi offers top connectivity as well. In close proximity to the airport and other popular destinations in Pune that provide all conveniences, you’re just a short commute has away from all that you need.


     3. High appreciation over the years: With the constant development of IT Hubs and educational institutes nearby, the requirement of homes in Kharadi and the growth prospect of the investment is huge! Kharadi is one of the top spots in Pune to invest in, which in turn will give you great returns over the years. With an appreciation of 31.3% in price over the last 3 years, the returns from an investment in Kharadi seem to be extremely fruitful.


     4. Population growth: The population of working professionals is said to increase by 300% in the coming years. With this growth, the requirement for real estate will be extremely high in Kharadi, hence, making an investment now could be a wise decision.


     5. Increased attractiveness: With the growth of the social infrastructure and the commercial properties in Kharadi, the locality has become one of the prime areas in Pune.


     6. All conveniences met: With everything from hotels to malls to entertainment to restaurants, Kharadi is one of the locations that has you covered in every aspect. 


     7. Commercial properties: Keeping residential properties aside, Kharadi is seeing a tremendous growth in commercial properties as well. This results in an overall growth to the infrastructure of the locale and the city as a whole. 


Looking at the bigger picture, Kharadi is definitely the place to invest in. And if you’re looking for a property that will draw you in like no other, visit Ganga Platino by Goel Ganga Developments. A project where life eagerly awaits you at every corner and allows you to stroll leisurely, chat amicably and relax freely.

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