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5 Ways To Make Your Home Monsoon-Ready

16 Aug 2017

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Buy 2 Bhk Flats in Dhanori Pune, 2 Bhk Homes in Dhanori PuneThe monsoon is a particularly refreshing and rejuvenating season when everything around looks clean, green and beautiful. However, as enjoyable as the monsoon season may be for us, it can be somewhat gloomy and potentially damage our homes if we don’t stay prepared.


Here are 5 ways in which you can make your home monsoon-ready:


1. Add a splash of colour: The monsoon season is the perfect time for you to inject some lively colours into your home décor. Add some brightly coloured cushion covers and throws to light up your living space during this season.


2. Check the doors and windows: As a necessary precaution, make sure to carefully check all the doors and windows in the house and seal any gaps that you may find. This will prevent any damage caused by leakage during the monsoon season.


3. Replace the heavy curtains: When the summer is gone and the rains arrive, you may want to replace those heavy, opaque curtains with light, breezy and sheer ones. These curtains will allow for more light and ventilation in the house, which is necessary during this time of the year. 


4. Roll away the carpets: It’s best to roll away your expensive carpets and area rugs during the monsoon season. Not only will this save them from being damaged by soiled footwear, but it will also prevent them from turning mouldy due to the high moisture levels in the air.


5. Rearrange the greens: You will want to rearrange your plants during the rainy season. There are some plants that will benefit from being moved indoors during the heavy rains, while some plants are best moved outside.


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