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5 Things To Remember During Sample Flat Visits

13 Jul 2017

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how-it-parks-have-transformed-puneThe allure of a sample flat is often so high that homebuyers are tempted to make the purchase right away. Property experts advise prospective homebuyers to proceed with caution in such cases. There is much that goes on behind the scenes when it comes to making a sample flat look the way it does.


Here are 5 things to remember during sample flat visits:


1. High-end furnishings: Sample flats are invariably bedecked with high-end designer furnishings. From the furniture items and the fixtures, to the curtains and other sample household items, everything looks ultra-fine and exquisite. 


2. Fewer doors and more windows: Unlike the flats that are to be sold, sample flats are modified to have no or fewer doors separating the rooms. The number of windows is also modified so as to create the illusion of more space in the flat.


3. Thinner walls and no pillars: The walls of sample flats are typically made with plywood instead of brick and mortar. For that reason, the walls of sample flats appear to be thinner. The absence of pillars inside the flat also creates more space within the house.


4. Customized interior design: The interiors of a sample flat are often tweaked so as to bring in more light and make it look more cheery and spacious than the regular flat will be. The flooring, the lighting, the placement of windows, mirrors, etc. are altered for this purpose. 


5. Sparkling clean and mess-free: Sample flats are always maintained to be in a spotlessly clean condition and free of any mess. Everything in the flat is always in perfect order and the arrangements are impeccable. However, this is not representative of a running household.


Your home should be a reflection of you. Find a house that truly feels like home. Explore the many residential projects by Goel Builders, Pune. Goel Ganga, Pune, offer you an eclectic choice of homes, so that your house can outdo every sample flat.

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