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12 Smart Storage Solutions for a Compact 2 BHK Home

01 Mar 2016

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12 Smart Storage Solutions for a Compact 2 BHK HomeLiving in a compact home does not necessarily mean that one has to adjust with having less things. Even large and spacious homes look cluttered if things are not kept in an organized manner. So, a simple solution is to intelligently utilize the space that you have. Here are a few easy small space storage ideas for 2BHK homes that will come in handy:


1. Consider Using Beds with Storage

Space saving beds with large storage spaces offer a great solution for small homes. The spaces can be used for keeping pillows, bed sheets, blankets, briefcases, bags or anything that eats up the spaces in the rooms, thereby organizing and decluttering them.


2. Invest in Ottomans

Replace your regular couches with Ottomans. They can hide plenty of extra commodities, making the rooms look neat and tidy. They also look crisp and stylish, fulfilling the aesthetic need of your home.


3. A Metal Open-Storage Rack for the Kitchen

If you feel that the cabinets in your kitchen are not enough to store all the utensils, knives, or other kitchen utilities, consider investing in a metal-frame open-storage rack. The shelving rack will also serve the purpose of showcasing all your decorative kitchen utensils too!


4. Add a Furniture to Your Bathroom

If you feel that the towels and hairdryers do not have a place for themselves, consider adding a piece of furniture to you bathroom. The storage can have open and closed areas for storing things.


5. Adjustable Wall-Mounted Shelves

Another easy and simple way is to add wall-mounted shelves. This easy-to-install system is ideal for your child's room, home office, laundry room, walk-in wardrobe, or for that matter any room in the house.


6. Include Under-Sink Storage

Be it in the kitchen or bathroom, an under-sink storage is a great space saver to incorporate into a home. It also makes finding those necessary items easier.


7. Cupboard under the Stairs

If your house has a staircase, the space under it can be used as a fine storage space. You could place a cabinet there to store anything lying around the house.


8. Create Storage Space behind Doors

The space behind a door is another great conqueror of clutter. You could create a number of shallow shelves on the wall to keep books, newspapers etc. or have metal hooks installed to put up dresses scarves, neck ties, coats, etc.


9. Get Multi-Use Furniture

Another great idea is to use compact furniture that can serve a variety of purposes. Like for example a wooden cabinet for your bedroom can be used to put up lamps, flower vases and other knick-knacks. It could also be used to store books, diaries, photo albums, frames and more.


10. Add Baskets in Your Closet

Baskets are a great solution for organizing loose items on your closet, thereby giving your closet a neat look. You could use each basket to store different items so you’ll always know where to find what. Besides, baskets are also easy to carry to a laundry mat, unlike a bed or kitchen counter.


11. Use Cubbies

Various sized and colored cubbies can be put up on empty wall spaces in your living room, dining area and bedrooms. Along with serving as storage spaces, they can add to the beauty of your rooms. 


12. Wall-Hung TV Cabinet

If you want to hide the large flat-screen television, use a handsome and easy to install cabinet fitted with bi-fold doors.


Here’s to clutter-free, spacious interiors!

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